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Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) is used to localize proteins/genes of interest by using customer-supplied antibodies, DNA fragments or oligonucleotides on normal and diseased human tissues selected from US Biomax's vast selection of tissue arrays and tissue bank. These services are highly cost-effective and conducted to the highest standards to assist you in understanding function of your genes/proteins or in identification and validation of your potential diagnostic and therapeutic targets. The results are presented as a publishable, detailed pathology report accompanied by high-resolution whole slide scan.

US Biomax uses an automated IHC stainer (Ventana Discovery Ultra) for high staining quality that ensures reproducible results. The research platform allows for customization of the reagents and protocol for best results. We offer multiple levels of detection amplification, allowing for highly sensitive assays to ensure that there are no false negatives. The use of a Streptavidin-Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) minimizes nonspecific binding compared to biotin-based detection systems. For more details about high-sensitivity detection, please refer to [1], and view example staining for ALK detection provided here.

NEW! US Biomax is now offering the use of new chromagen detection systems from Ventana to aid in colocalization studies by allowing for highly multiplexed IHC staining. Triple or even quadruple staining is possible with chromagenic staining, using combinations of DAB, purple, teal, yellow, and red colors. We also offer immunofluorescence 5-plex staining.

Sample results:

TargetTMAView hi-res
CD3 LY2084View hi-res
CD20 LY2084View hi-res
ER BR2082bView hi-res
PR BR2082bView hi-res
HER2 BR2082bView hi-res
ALK Lung (NSCLC)View hi-res
PD-L1 Lung (NSCLC)View hi-res
LKB1 Lung Cell Lines (NSCLC)View hi-res

Image Analysis

US Biomax offers the use of Visiopharm for powerful and customizable image analysis. The following services are available for routine analysis:


  1. New Methods for ALK Status Diagnosis in Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer: An Improved ALK Immunohistochemical Assay and a new, Brightfield, dual ALK IHC-in situ hybridization assay.
    Nitta, Hiroaki et al., Journal of Thoracic Oncology , Volume 8 , Issue 8 , 1019 - 1031