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Tissue Arrays or Tissue Microarrays, also called "tissue-chips" (or tissuemicroarray), is a technology developed recently that provides a method of high-throughput molecular profiling and parallel analysis of biological and molecular characteristics for hundreds of pathologically controlled tissue specimens. Tissue microarray can provide rapid solution for localization and evaluation of protein, RNA, or DNA molecules in various tissues and is particularly useful for functioning genomic studies. It can also be combined with other technologies such as high-throughput genomic surveys using DNA (gene) microarrays. DNA microarrays enable analysis of thousands of genes from one tissue specimen in a single experiment, whereas the tissue arrays make it possible to analyze hundreds or thousands of tissue specimens in a single experiment using a single gene or protein probe. Tissue microarray is very powerful tools for the rapid analysis of new protein or gene markers associated with disease diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutics in medical research area.


Our tissue repository, Bio Tissue Bank contains more than 1,200,000 paraffin tissue blocks, a large selection of histology tissue section slides of human cancer, normal tissue and rhesus normal fresh frozen tissue as well as paraffin blocks and slides. We also provide custom tissue array, microarray OEM services from the tissue blocks from our own tissue bank. You can browse our tissue bank page to search specific disease or browse by specific organ name. Please bear in mind that we can not sell everything we have to you because we will use them mainly for building our tissue microarrays. Please call or email us to request the specific items if you can not find in our tissue block sample page.