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Human (Adult Normal) whole frozen tissue section

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Frozen Tissue Slides are ideal for rapidly identifying cellular localization of RNA or protein. A single human adult normal tissue with 5-10 µm thickness is mounted on a positively charged glass slide. The slides are fixed and dehydrated with acetone for consistent results with in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry. More organs maybe available upon request.

Note: For custom designed products, such as products from multiple donors, or pooled donors, etc., please call customer service for a price quote.


5 slides

Storage Conditions

Store frozen tissue sections at -20°C ~ -80°C

Catalog No. Name Age Sex Tissue Type Product Detail IHC Price
3 slides
5 slides
H & E
HuFTS006 Human Adult Normal: Adrenal - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Adrenal $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS016 Human Adult Normal: Bladder - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Bladder $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS031 Human Adult Normal: Brain - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Brain $300 Add Out of stock Image
HuFTS041 Human Adult Normal: Brain: Cerebellum - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Brain: Cerebellum $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS066 Human Adult Normal: Brain: Corpus Callosum - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Brain: Corpus Callosum $300 Add Out of stock Image
HuFTS076 Human Adult Normal: Brain: Frontal Lobe - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Brain: Frontal Lobe $300 Add Out of stock Image
HuFTS081 Human Adult Normal: Brain: Hippocampus - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Brain: Hippocampus $300 Add Low stock Image
HuFTS151 Human Adult Normal: Breast - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Breast $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS156 Human Adult Normal: Colon - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Colon $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS176 Human Adult Normal: Esophagus - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Esophagus $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS181 Human Adult Normal: Gallbladder - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Gallbladder $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS241 Human Adult Normal: Kidney - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Kidney $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS246 Human Adult Normal: Liver - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Liver $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS251 Human Adult Normal: Lung - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Lung $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS261 Human Adult Normal: Lymph Node - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Lymph node $300 Add Low stock Image
HuFTS266 Human Adult Normal: Ovary - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Ovary $300 Add Low stock Image
HuFTS271 Human Adult Normal: Pancreas - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Pancreas $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS281 Human Adult Normal: Parotid - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Parotid $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS291 Human Adult Normal: Placenta - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Placenta $300 Add Low stock Image
HuFTS296 Human Adult Normal: Prostate - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Prostate $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS301 Human Adult Normal: Rectum - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Rectum $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS306 Human Adult Normal: Retina - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Retina $400 Add Out of stock Image
HuFTS311 Human Adult Normal: Skeletal Muscle - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Skeletal Muscle $300 Add Out of stock Image
HuFTS316 Human Adult Normal: Skin - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Skin $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS321 Human Adult Normal: Small Intestine - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Small intestine $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS326 Human Adult Normal: Spinal Cord - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Spinal cord $300 Add Low stock Image
HuFTS331 Human Adult Normal: Spleen - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Spleen $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS336 Human Adult Normal: Stomach - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Stomach $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS346 Human Adult Normal: Testis - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Testis $300 Add Low stock Image
HuFTS356 Human Adult Normal: Uterus - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Uterus $300 Add In stock Image
HuFTS361 Human Adult Normal: Vagina - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Vagina $300 Add In stock Image

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