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Mouse (Normal) whole frozen tissue section

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A single Balb/C mouse normal fresh tissue with 5-10 µm is mounted on each positively charged glass slide. The slide is then fixed with cold acetone for consistent results with in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry. These tissue sections are designed for rapidly identifying cellular localization of genes or proteins in mouse tissues. More organs maybe available upon request.

Note: For custom designed products, such as products from multiple donors, or pooled donors, etc., please call customer service for a price quote.


5 slides

Storage Conditions

Store frozen tissue sections at -20°C ~ -80°C

Catalog No. Name Age Sex Tissue Type Product Detail IHC Price
3 slides
5 slides
H & E
MoFTS006 Mouse Normal: Brain - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Brain $300 Add Low stock Image
MoFTS011 Mouse Normal: Embryo - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Embryo $300 Add Low stock Image
MoFTS016 Mouse Normal: Heart - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Heart $300 Add Out of stock Image
MoFTS021 Mouse Normal: Kidney - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Kidney $300 Add Out of stock Image
MoFTS026 Mouse Normal: Liver - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Liver $300 Add Out of stock Image
MoFTS031 Mouse Normal: Lung - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Lung $300 Add Out of stock Image
MoFTS036 Mouse Normal: Pancreas - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Pancreas $300 Add Out of stock Image
MoFTS051 Mouse Normal: Spleen - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Spleen $300 Add Out of stock Image
MoFTS056 Mouse Normal: Testis - - Fresh Frozen Tissue Testis $300 Add Low stock Image

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